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Relax. Have a Himalayan experience

Be prepared to convert to a twitchier, a book reader, a lepidopterist, a tropical forest conservator, an angler, or an astronomer devat farm promises to change you, a little bit at least, forever.



There's nothing like it

Jalori Pass & Serloskar Lake

Nature's Bliss

Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing Paradise

Tirthan Fish Farm

Experience Trout Farming in Tirthan

Village Stroll

Organic and Pure

Choi Water Fall

Not be to Missed

Great Himalayan National Park

UNESCO World Heritage

Chehni Kothi

17th Century Tower Temple

Raghupur Fort

Scenic Himalayan Hike

Discover the essence of our property through captivating images in our gallery section!

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